Insilico analysis of micro RNA based target interaction associated with pharmacogenomics of acquired immune deficiency syndrome

      Background: Analysis of micro RNA(miRNAs) based regulatory networks in infectious diseases is a challenging task in the era of post genomics and prediction of the miRNAs associated with pharmacogenomics of acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is an initiation towards the miRNA based therapy for AIDS.
      Methods & Materials: Initially we have taken the list of human genes associated with AIDS from PharmG-KB and further we have analyzed the network of human miRNAs which are associated with AIDS related genes from EnrichR. Finally we performed statistical analysis like P value, Z test and combined score of Students T test and ANNOVA to analyze the significance of those predicted miRNAs towards the Human Immune Virus (HIV) related genes.
      Results: PharmGKB contains 6 genes (ABCB1, CYCSP5, G6PD, GSTM1, NAT2 and NR1I2) which are associated with the Pharmacogenomics of AIDS. EnrichR has predicted 6 miRNAs (hsa-miR-18a, hsa-miR-1, hsa-miR-206, hsa-miR-24, hsa-miR-125a and hsa-miR-125b) which are related to AIDS related genes. Based on the statistical analysis, it has been found that hsa-miR-18a has a minimum P value and Z score of 0.0370 & -1.82 respectively. Association of hsa-miR-18a with HIV related genes shows a 4 fold increase when compared with hsa-miR-1 and hsa-miR-206. Similarly the association of hsa-miR-24 shows a 3 fold decrease when compared with hsa-miR-18a and finally, hsa-miR-125a and hsa-miR-125b has a 5 fold decrease when compared with hsa-miR-18a.
      Conclusion: Based on the statistical analysis of gene and miRNA regulated networks, it was found that hsa-miR-18a show a good statistical significance towards genes which are related to AIDS and in future, hsa-miR-18a may turn out to be a potential target for the miRNA based therapeutics of AIDS. At present, we have applied the above mentioned methodology for AIDS and in future, this methodology will also be applied to other infectious diseases.