Corrigendum| Volume 51, P109, October 2016

Corrigendum to ‘Editorial’ [International Journal of Infectious Diseases 50 (2016) 83–84]

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      The editor regrets that this Editorial was published without the title. The title is “Colistin resistance - is this pushing us over the edge into the abyss of pan-resistance?”. The editor would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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          In some respects, the Arabian Peninsula stands at the cross-roads of human migration, through tourism and economic migration. It is thus logical that this may generate a melting pot of human infections, particularly those caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Many of the migrant workers come from countries where antibiotic distribution is poorly managed and they often carry bacteria laden with resistance genes. In addition, this area of the world is a hub of international trade, with large numbers of transient visitors.
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